Posted by: anthonycook | September 18, 2007

Firefox 3 News & Concepts Screenshots



The guys at Mozilla have released the very first Firefox 3 mockup screen shots.


In these screenies Firefox has a complete UI overhaul and it looks fantastic! surprisingly it looks a lot like a vista application and more like IE than Firefox. Many are hoeing that this concept will stick around and become the default Firefox 3 theme for vista. Even still I am sure someone out there will create this theme for Firefox 2.

New Features

Private Browsing
Browse the web without cookies, temporary files or history being stored on your computer.

A great new feature that stores bookmarks, history, and other information about Web pages. You will be able to add tags and index your content.

Bookmark Manager
Speaks for itself, basically sort and manage all your bookmarks.

Malware Detection
Firefox will now block sites that have been known to contain Malware, it will show a dialog asking if you want to proceed (see screens)

Mozilla is working alongside Google to develop this feature.

Content Handling
After downloading a file, you can now select the associated program to run that file from within the downloaded files box. 

Microformat Detection
You can now interact with microformat content.


The blacked out address bar lets you know your in private browsing mode:


The new places feature:



Bookmark Manager service:


 The Malware detection engine in action:


Content Handling in action:



The important thing to remember is this is very early stages and this stuff is not final and it also explains why the UI may look a little rough round the edges but if Mozilla go with this, the cool new features and that great UI Firefox 3 should be fantastic in my opinion!



  1. I found a firefox 3 concept via flickr, not sure of its authenticity but you can view it at

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