Posted by: anthonycook | September 2, 2007

Xbox 360 Chat Pad


Meet the Xbox 360’s new hardware gadget. It basically slots on the bottom of your controller turning it into a QWERTY-style miniature keyboard for use with the live messenger integration on the Xbox 360.

Granted you could just plug in a USB keyboard but having the keyboard so close to hand is much faster and easier. There’s nothing worse than chatting to someone when you’re let’s say…….playing Rainbow Six Vegas online! As typing with a controller will lose you a few kills at least and reaching down to your USB keyboard is no better.

So overall it ain’t much of a looker but it’s a great idea and for only $29.99 (around £15) you can’t complain. The only problem I see is that it plugs into your headset jack so unless it has another jack planted on the side of this baby, might be a problem for people with wired headsets.




  1. tats awesome

  2. The chatpad at first was of course awesome, as is every xbox360 accesorie at first.For me,many accesories have a problem, and microsoft is just to friggin stupid to make anything work without problems.My chatpad problem is related to my wireless headset problem. it worked well since 5 min ago.i went away and when i came back my headset was flashing.i held the connect button and it went to slot 2. i thought i must of hit the connect button by accident and changed it from slot 1. but wait, i didint it just wouldint connect to slot 1 anymore. i took out the chatpad this time and tried to connect to slot one and it worked. After that i plugged my chatpad back in and my headset started to blink again.i tried a couple more times and got really right now, if i want to use my wireless headset (wich i got because my other three wired ones broke because they suck)i cant use my chatpad. i dont know if anybody els had this problem but my comment is that the chatpad BLOWS.

  3. It likely has something to do with the headset interface that’s built into the chatpad. When I connected one to an XP box a few minutes ago, the computer started searching for USB Audio Device drivers.

    While I know almost nothing about the 360, my guess is that the audio connection on the Chatpad is filling the Slot 1 connection, so the wireleaa headphone jumps to the next available location, the audio connection for Slot 2.

    It’s too bad they didn’t follow industry standards (like both Sony and Nintendo) and use Bluetooth.

  4. This comes with a headset, and there is a jack at the bottom of the keyboard, you can see it in the picture

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