Posted by: anthonycook | September 1, 2007

Windows Live Onecare 2.0 Beta


Onecare 2.0 includes lots of cool new features but by far the greatest is the ability to manage the security status of multiple computers on your network.

Onecare can be installed on 3 computers meaning you can manage the status and preform tasks for all these machines on one master computer. No longer do you have to go all over your house sorting out your partner and kids computers when something goes wrong. This is a fantastic concept that will save time and keep you and your family secure.

Other new stuff incudes Windows Live ID login, so you can receive product updates, support and news. Also the backup service has been updated to allow all 3 computers to be backed at the same time via the Windows Live Oncecare online backup service.

Microsoft is really trying with this product and personal i think its great. It integrates with your system well and it runs nicely in the background and most importantly its not heavy on your system unlike some security suites.

So why not check out the beta you have nothing to lose as its totally free and it lasts 120 days.

Get it here and see what you think


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