Posted by: anthonycook | September 1, 2007

SP1 Changes


This is a list of confirmed Service Pack content, i will be updating the list as i find out more.

IE7 Will preform better and be more reliable with more CPU optimization and Javascrpipt improvements

Readyboost Some important issue’s with the Readyboost service will be fixed.

Disk Defragment Will now have an option to select what drive’s will be defraged during automatic scheduling rather than them all being defraged.

Bitlocker Will be updated to have the functionality of the Windows Server 2008 version.

Windows Search & Indexing To comply with the terms agreed with the Google law suite, The Vista search will now make it easier to use another search engine.

Security Center To comply with complaints from security company such as Symantec.

Update Roll-ups All important Windows Updates updates prior to SP1 will be included in the pack.

Performance & Reliability Packs Will include the reliability and performance packs that were released in previous month’s.

Basic U.I Tweaks Some basic UI tweak’s such as the volume controls in the volume configuration options. See Image Here

Feedback Fixes Some bugs and compatibly issue’s that have been reported since release will be fixed.

Piracy Updates Vista cracks such as the time-stopper crack will no longer work.

New Boot UI Oddly Microsoft have changed the hidden Boot UI in SP1, Please note this is disabled By default. See Image Here

New Technologies Support for new technologies like the exFAT file system designed for protable devices and
support for SD-DMA (Secure Digital Advanced Direct Memory Access)

Laptop Battery Life With all the fixes, Vista will use less CPU power resulting in higher battery life.

Login & Sleep Response Enhanced to minimize the wait time between logging in and out and the time is takes to resume and go into a sleep state.

Network and sharing Optimization for file sharing and browsing.

New Hardware Compatibility Supports more hardware with fixes for hardware old and new.

Direct X 10.1 Latest version of Direct X that fixes issues with Direct X generated content.


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