Posted by: anthonycook | April 17, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite

The Xbox 360 Elite is an updated version of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has added some much needed features into its games console such as HDMI support and a larger 120gb Hard Drive on the down side theres still no HD-DVD Drive integration witch is a shame and theres also no Wifi built in, the Elite comes in a new sleek black design complete with black controllers and accessories. The console is going to be quieter and a lot more cooler witch is needed with a console that sounds like a planes lifting off every time you turn it on. No official pricing has been released as of yet but the Elite is not a replacement for the Xbox 360 Core and Premium system, they will be sold as well as the Elite. Overall the 360 Elite is a good buy if you haven’t got an Xbox 360, but if you already own one theres no point and i don’t see no reason why Microsoft wont ship a 120gb hard drive accessories for non-elite customers, especially with IP-TV on its way.

Click the thumbnails for larger views

xbox360_elite_01.jpg xbox360_elite_10.jpg


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