Posted by: anthonycook | March 23, 2007

PS3 Launch

My mate got his PS3 midnight last night and Oh my god it kicks ass! Seriously what ever you have seen on the net ignore it! When he put Resistance in his shiny new PS3 i was speechless it looked absolutely amazing with high-res textures and great attention to detail. Motorstorm again blew me away with its fast paced action and impressive mud effects, Amongst his other titles were Virtual Fighter 5 witch its still as good as it used to be but with realistic character modals and some fantastic scenarios with some nice graphical effects. Full Auto 2 took Full Auto to the next level with supped up graphics and a new muti-player mode were you basically blow each other to bits (great fun). Ridge Racer 7 another great update with some nice graphics and yet it still maintains a great frame rate speed that you would expect from Ridge. The console itself isn’t as big as people make out, in fact its not much bigger than a 360. The controllers now have triggers that work really well and with a light wireless design you can really feel the freedom. One of the first things that hit me about the console was its shininess and the nice curved design, definantly the nicest looking console yet. As for the menu system the very similar to the PSP’s system witch i loved…nuff said.

Overall i would urge keen gamers to buy this supercharged 7 core console as it delivers high performance, amazing graphics and great titles. Is it worth the cash? well put it like this i haven’t even mentioned the Blu-Ray Drive, Card Reader, 60gb Hard-drive and 6-Axis Motion sensitivity yet.

Cookies Rating: 10/10


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