Posted by: anthonycook | March 22, 2007

Product Reviews: Norton 360

Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that Symantec’s Norton Security Products are very Secure, Yet incredibly heavy on system resources. This is why i have avoided Norton products in the past, With Norton protecting me EVERYTHING ran that little slower on my PC and starting my PC was a nightmare….and this was on a high end computer at the time!

So after years of dissing and avoiding Norton, i decided to give them one more chance. I downloaded a trial of “Norton 360” and to my suprise it was fantastic!. It was very light! with only 2 processes running using little memory. It was faster than Onecare and previous security suites that i have had on Vista and with it being a Symantec product i knew it was going to be secure. The UI is very colourful and friendly with large buttons that make it easy to navigate through the program and find what you are looking for. Another cool feature i found was the online backup, with 2GB of space and and easily transfer wizard its a doddle to backup those priceless files.

Full Feature List

Email scanning
Online identity protection
Web site authentication
Firewall protection
Automatic backup and restore
Automatic updates
PC performance tuneups
2GB secured online storage
Embedded support
Rootkit detection

Rating: 8/10
Pros: Great Security, Fast, Friendly UI, Online Backup Service
Cons: Free software is available, Price can be little high


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