Posted by: anthonycook | March 20, 2007

Missing features

Has anyone noticed that Vista has discontinued some features that its predeceasers like Windows XP had? Well i have seen a few and i thought i would remind you of what you used to have.

The Hour Glass: Probably the biggest change in Vista, Replaced with a nice blue swirly thing…not sure why? but it beats the hourglass.

The Pinball game: Yeah!! Pinball ruled in my high school, as it was one of the very few games we were aloud to play… I sure played some mean Pinball back in the day. (See me slip in a little quote from The Who song there……had to be done :))

Rover The Dog, The Wizard and Friends: That pointless Dog and his cronies on the search feature within Windows XP…..They were as much fun as Clippy from Office…..Uhhhh don’t remind me!

Clipboard: I found this one from the great knowledge center that is the all mighty VISTA BABBLE, basically you could see what was on your clipboard (when you copied an image or something) but now its totally virtual.

Outlook Express: Its called Windows Mail now but……Shush! don’t tell anyone

Windows Messenger: No longer integrated into the OS Windows Live Messenger replaces Windows and MSN messenger making it easy to update to newer versions.

START Button: Yes! Finlay they realized it is possible to use your computer without clicking START! so its now the nice shiny Vista Orb

Boot Logo: Vista doesn’t have one, i would probably say this is to maximize performance. But if you seriously want a custom boot logo you need to download a bit of software called “Windows Vista Boot Logo Generator” i think Stardock also do a vista boot logo program.

Well thats all i have got so far but i suppose if you look hard enough you will find loads more missing features. Feel free to let me know of anymore. Simply add a comment to this post


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