Posted by: anthonycook | March 19, 2007

Xbox live coming to Vista

LIVE on Vista? Well Microsoft have started a Beta of there new LIVE Vista service. So hows it gonna work you say? Well surprisingly very similar to the 6 Million users of Xbox Live. If you want a Silver membership on Vista is free and its £49.95 a year for a Gold membership.

New to Live Well heres a brief explanation of what the Live services actually does:

Its a platform that allows Gamers to play on-line games and have a unique Tag with information such as leader boards and achievements

What games will support it?

Well for Vista at the Moment there is 2 tiles confirmed. The Massive Xbox hit HALO 2 and a SHADOWRUN a new PC title.

Will it be compatible with my XBOX 360 Tag?

YES, you will be able to use you Xbox tag on both platforms! How cool is that? There will also be Cross network games so you can play on your PC against 360 Owners or other Vista Users.

The Difference between Gold and Silver Membership

Well silver lacks the ability to play on-line against other users, Silver is for getting achievements and keep records of how good you are at your games, you still get your own gamer tag and gamer score rating. Gold allows you to do everything that silver does but you can play on-line games.

So i hope this will explain how thing are going with Vista LIVE!

If your wondering when the two LIVE enabled games are out HALO 2 is May 8th 2007 and SHADOWRUN is July 2007.

and if you would like to sign up for the LIVE platform BETA go here:


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