Posted by: anthonycook | June 15, 2008

iPhone 3G, Improved, Enhanced & Still Insanely Overpriced

The iPhone 3G offers the things missing from the original iphone such as 3G and GPS making the must have phone. Its stylish and has great functionality and its by Apple meaning its gonna be a great product.

Ok so now i have very very briefly explained why an iPhone 3G would be a great purchase, now let me explain why i wont be buying one.

The main reason why people who don’t own an iPhone is because of the price tag. Ok so fair enough its a great phone and Apple have even said that the 3G version will be much cheaper, infact only $199, that’s a measly £100! Now dont get your hopes up like i did. Turns out that to get an iPhone for £100 you have to sign up to a 18 month contract for alteast £30 a month exclusive to O2. The total amount for your contract with the £100 just to get the phone would cost you £640! Still overpriced, still not worth it.

You could buy a Nokia N95 out right on pay as you go and still have loads of change for this price! Im quite annoyed how Apple is marketing the iphone at only $199 when clearly you have to pay a whole lot more. As for the pay as you go option for an iPhone 3G, O2 have siad it will be available shortly for pay as you go but no price is confirmed but i can bet it will be sky high considering the contract price.

A year has passed since the original iPhone has came out, there’s lots of people who want one and a 1000 reasons to have one but all the contract and high price nonsense is keeping people well away.

Posted by: anthonycook | June 15, 2008

Don’t Forget Mozilla Download Day! (June 17th)

Many of you may know already that Mozilla are trying to break a world record attempt for the number of downloads for a single file in one day. The download is for the massively awaited Firefox 3 which supposedly offers a faster and securer browsing experience.

After testing out all the Beta’s and RC builds, Firefox 3 feels quicker and more friendly than Firefox 2 plus it has the added bonus of a few new features, support for new technology’s and enhanced security, Worth a download for sure!

At the time of writing 1,274,240 people have pledge to download this product on June 17th to help Mozilla smash its way into the book of world records and why not they deserve it.

So whats stopping you, pledge now if you haven’t already and don’t forget to download on the 17th!

Posted by: anthonycook | November 16, 2007

Vista SP1 RC

The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta has this week been put through to the release candidate stages. After trying the last few Beta builds i agree that the service pack is a worthy upgrade and as you would expect it fixes a fare amount of bugs and makes Vista preform a little faster. The RC was release to 15,000 testers as part of a private beta program. I will be writing a full review when over the weekend when i manage to get a copy of the service pack installed.

Posted by: anthonycook | September 22, 2007



….3 days to go

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